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Terms of use


Always remember, all benefits that iTravelNetwork offers in the Just90Miles Program are conditioned upon your compliance with this Membership Guide and Program Rules, the terms and conditions described elsewhere throughout itravelnetwork.us, all terms and conditions of iTravelNetwork’s contract of carriage, iTravelNetwork’s fare rules and all other applicable iTravelNetwork’s rules and regulations. These rules are subject to change at any time. Unless otherwise stated, the current rules in effect at the time of your travel or request for a benefit or other transaction will govern that transaction. iTravelNetwork has the sole right to interpret and apply this Membership Guide and Program Rules. Please check back frequently for program updates or rule changes.


Under the Just90Miles Mileage Expiration policy, miles do not expire.
 iTravelNetwork reserves the right to deactivate or close an account under the following circumstances:

Fraudulent activity occurs
A member requests an account closure
A member is deceased
A member does not respond to repeated communication attempts regarding the status of his/her account
A member resides in or relocates to a country where membership is prohibited under applicable law
A member violates the terms of this Membership Guide and Program Rules


iTravelNetwork reserves the right to audit members' accounts at any time and without notice to ensure compliance with the Just90Miles Program Membership Guide and Program Rules, iTravelNetwork's contract of carriage, iTravelNetwork's fare rules, and all other applicable iTravelNetwork rules and regulations.

In the event the audit reveals discrepancies or violations, iTravelNetwork may delay the processing of Award Certificates, Tickets, or other redemptions, cancel any outstanding Award Certificates, Award Tickets or other redemptions and withhold statements until the discrepancies or violations are resolved. Accounts found in violation are subject to penalty, up to and including termination of ELITE status and closure of the Just90Miles Program account. During an investigation, iTravelNetwork may inhibit the Just90Miles Program account of a member without notice. While the account is inhibited, the member may continue to accrue miles in the account, but no mileage redemptions or other transactions will be permitted and any outstanding Award Certificates, Award Travel or other redemptions will be canceled. Canceled Award Certificates or Award Tickets must be surrendered to iTravelNetwork upon iTravelNetwork's request.


iTravelNetwork's Just90Miles Program is open to any person in any country that has not prohibited participation in Just90Miles Program.

Corporations and/or entities cannot be enrolled as members.

Members must provide their full name to participate in the Just90Miles Program. Full name means the given name, middle initial or middle name, if any, and family or surname. The full name must be the same as the name on the member's passport or other valid travel document (i.e. Visa, Resident Alien Card, etc.). Members will be assigned an individual membership number upon enrollment and can print a membership card by going to My Wallet. Members can also access a digital membership card via iTRAVEL MASTER SUITE APP.

Membership numbers are nontransferable.

Only one person may be enrolled per Just90Miles account.

Members may not maintain more than one Just90Miles account.

In the event more than one account number is assigned to the same individual, the duplicate account will be cancelled, and only the applicable mileage credit, excluding any enrollment bonus, can be transferred to the remaining account.

To enroll your child in the Just90Miles Program download the registration and parent form and follow provided instructions for submission.


With your Just90Miles number and password you have access to your Just90Miles information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without a password, certain transactions may only be done via mail or in person with your Just90Miles card and valid identification. Establishment of a password indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this Membership Guide governing your password. A password allows you access to a variety of self-service tools and Just90Miles account information at iTravelNetwork.us, as well as the ability to complete transactions over the phone that could previously be handled only in writing.

Your password cannot be viewed or changed by a iTravelNetwork representative. If you would like to change your password, go to Change Password. If you cannot remember your password, an email with a secure link to change your password will be sent to you. To request an e-mail with a secure link to update your password, go to Forgot Password.

You are responsible for the selection and use of your password and for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You may not divulge your password to anyone. If you do, you are solely responsible for any actions that person takes with your password, including, without limitation any transactions in your account, any violations of the Just90Miles Membership Guide and Program Rules, and any further disclosure of your password. iTravelNetwork shall have no liability for losses resulting from unauthorized access to, or use of, your password.


The rights and obligations created by the Just90Miles Program will be governed by the laws of the State of Florida.


Each member will be responsible for letting iTravelNetwork know of any name, email or address change on his or her account. Please ensure that the name in your Just90Miles account (first, middle and last) matches exactly the name on your government-issued photo ID used when you travel.


Country of residence is determined by the primary address in the member’s Just90Miles account. iTravelNetwork reserves the right to audit an account at any time for address accuracy, residency requirements, request further supporting documentation and update the address for any member's Just90Miles account using the National Change of Address (NCOA) data filed by relocating postal customers, but shall have no obligation to do so. Accounts found in violation are subject to penalty, up to and including termination of ELITE status and closure of the Just90Miles account.

For address changes, a member may update their account address information using their iTravelNetwork password by visiting My Profile, editing their address and attaching any required documentation through the online form. You may also be able to update your account address by submitting the information via fax, mail, or by phone using your password. Members should include their Just90Miles number and signature on all requests and documentation.

Fax or mail supporting documents to the Just90Miles Account Support group at:

Phone: +1855-654-8728
Fax: +1305-503-7272

Just90Miles Account Support
5246 SW 8 Street, Suite 202
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Certain address changes, including those moving from a primary addresses within the United States to one outside of the United States, require the submission of additional documentation to complete and cannot be completed over the phone or online. Members will need to submit one of the following documents via mail or fax to complete the address change request, and the document must reflect the member’s name and a residential address and may not be the address of a corporation or business:

Government issued ID with new address (Drivers License, Country/State-issued photo ID card, passport)
Utility bill in customer’s name showing new address, dated within the past 60 days
Deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement or residential rental/lease agreement showing proof of ownership at new address, with customer’s name and signature. Lease must be dated within the past year
Bank statement with customer’s name and address, dated within the past 60 days (may block out sensitive information)
Payroll statement with customer’s name and address, dated within the past 60 days (may block out sensitive information)
Postal Service change of address confirmation form
Current automobile or life insurance bill, or homeowners or renter insurance bill (cards or policies are not accepted)
Copy of school records/transcript from a school in which the applicant is currently enrolled, issued by an accredited school
Postmarked mail with forwarding address label (must display the customer’s full name)
Receipt for personal property taxes or real estate taxes paid within the last year
Letter from member’s employer on official company letterhead, detailing member’s current address. Letter must be signed by employee’s supervisor with supervisor’s full contact information


Name change requests cannot be processed over the phone. A copy of supporting legal documentation (e.g., court order, marriage certificate, divorce certificate) must be submitted by fax/mail and will be required for any name change requests.
 The member's signature and Just90Miles membership number must be included in all written correspondence.



We are always conscious and respectful of your personal privacy. See our privacy policy for details.


iTravelNetwork and its program partners reserve the right to change program rules, benefits, mileage regulations, Award Travel, ELITE qualification requirements and levels, fees, Award prices, Pay with Miles terms and conditions, and special offers at any time without notice. This means that iTravelNetwork may initiate changes, for instance, impacting partner affiliations, rules for earning mileage credit, continued availability of Awards, or blackout dates. iTravelNetwork may also limit the seats available for Award Travel or Pay with Miles redemptions to any or all destinations (including, but not limited to, allocating no Award seats on certain flights). Such changes to iTravelNetwork's frequent flyer program may include modifications that (i) govern mileage credits or other benefits earned on or after the date of change, (ii) change the value of already accumulated mileage credits or other benefits or (iii) govern mileage credits or other benefits earned on or after the date of change and change the value of already accumulated mileage credits. iTravelNetwork reserves the right to terminate the iTravelNetwork frequent flyer program with six month notice. Unless otherwise stated, the terms and conditions of the Just90Miles Membership Guide and Program Rules in effect at the time of your travel or request for a benefit will govern the transaction.


Miles are not the property of any member. Except as specifically authorized in the Membership Guide and Program Rules or otherwise in writing by an officer of iTravelNetwork, miles may not be sold, attached, seized, levied upon, pledged, or transferred under any circumstances, including, without limitation, by operation of law, upon death, or in connection with any domestic relations dispute and/or legal proceeding.


Except as set forth below, the sale or barter of mileage credit, vouchers, Award Tickets, ELITE status, Pay with Miles tickets or any other benefit by Just90Miles members, or the attempt of any of the foregoing, is prohibited. iTravelNetwork will terminate or deduct mileage from the account of any member who violates this rule. Award Certificates, Award Tickets, or Pay with Miles tickets obtained through prohibited sale or barter transactions are VOID, invalid for travel, and will be confiscated. Persons trying to use such tickets will not be permitted to travel unless they purchase a ticket from iTravelNetwork at the applicable fare.


Just90Miles online statements are sent periodically (monthly, quarterly or based on recent activity) to members through an email reminder, regardless of activity. Members can enroll to receive their Just90Miles statement by going to My Profile, entering their Just90Miles number and password, and updating their "Notification" preferences.

Online statements indicate the amount of mileage credit earned with iTravelNetwork, its airline, hotel, and car rental partners, and all other partners in the Just90Miles programs, as well as mileage redemption activity. Ticket receipts and boarding passes should be retained until mileage credit appears on your Just90Miles statement.

Current balance, account activity, redemption, and program information may be obtained at My Profile or via iTravelNetwork's automated telephone number, CALL CENTER (1-855-654-8728),

Note: A password is required for account information via iTravelNetwork.us, iTravelNetwork's automated telephone number, and for redemption and address change transactions with a iTravelNetwork Reservations representative.


For worldwide reservations and information inside the U.S., the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Canada, contact iTravelNetwork.us or reservations. For all other countries, contact your local ticket office or view our list of worldwide reservations numbers by country at iTravelNetwork.us/help.


iTravelNetwork reserves the right to terminate your membership in the Just90Miles program at any time if you violate the Just90Miles Membership Guide and Program Rules, any term or condition of iTravelNetwork's contract of carriage, iTravelNetwork's fare rules, or any other iTravelNetwork rule and regulation that apply to your travel. Termination of your membership will result in a loss of all accumulated mileage credit in your account, the cancellation of any unused Awards, and the loss of all other Just90Miles benefits. Terminated members are not eligible to participate in any aspect of the Just90Miles program, including without limitation any special promotions or Just90Miles partnership offers. In lieu of termination, iTravelNetwork may at its sole discretion deduct mileage from your account, but permit you to continue participating in the Just90Miles program.

Members whose accounts have been terminated for any reason may not reopen new accounts.

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the Just90Miles Membership Guide and Program Rules and with the other terms and conditions that apply to your travel on iTravelNetwork. If you have any question about the rules that are applicable to your situation, please check iTravelNetwork.us or contact a iTravelNetwork representative for guidance.


Some or all parts of the Just90Miles program may not be legal in certain countries. Consequently, the Just90Miles program is void where prohibited by law.

* Phone/fax number is valid from the U.S. If you are outside the U.S., call your local Reservations Sales representative.


Just90Miles members can redeem miles for Award Travel. Award Travel is limited to two connections per origin and destination for domestic travel and three connections for international travel. Taxes and fees for Award Travel are the responsibility of the passenger and must be paid at the time the ticket is booked. Mileage will automatically be deducted from your account when completing your mileage redemption transactions. All Just90Miles Award Travel is subject to the terms and conditions of the contract of carriage of the transporting carrier. In addition, the following terms and conditions apply to all iTravelNetwork and multi-airline partner Award Travel.


Miles may be redeemed for Award Tickets in the name of passengers other than the Just90Miles member, but Award Tickets are nontransferable once issued. Members are prohibited from selling or bartering Award Tickets.


There are no blackout dates on iTravelNetwork-operated flights. Blackout dates may apply on partner airline-operated flights and are defined by individual carriers.